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Academic Achievement Programmes


angler of thoughts offers Academic Achievement Programmes to primary and secondary students in English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science. These programmes are specially designed to engage students in processing their learning and actively constructing meaning for themselves. Our teachers are skilled in facilitating students in this learning process through identifying learning gaps and providing them with timely growth-producing feedback.


The 10-Year Series syndrome has caused much damage to our education, as well as, the society at large. Our instincts for learning have erroneously been replaced by an inexplicable urge to repeat. Hence, if we want to run faster, we run more; play better golf, hit more balls; learn more, attend more classes; score higher, attempt more questions more often. Sure, repetition does improve performance in the immediate future. Unfortunately, repetition also develops a very narrow range of skills and often "practises" the mistakes!


The Academic Achievement Programmes break this vicious circle and restore the essence of learning to the classroom.

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