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angler's Mathematics-Captive* Programmes

(Primary & Secondary)


"While testing almost never leads to improved curriculum and instruction, it does almost always lead to... labelling (of) students, students labelling themselves, lowered teacher and student expectations, diluted content and instruction for some students, and worse of all, differential access to curriculum."

- Dr Spencer Kagan, emphasis not in original



All Students Deserve to Learn the Same Syllabus


Dr Spencer Kagan's words drive home a tough message, one that angler of thoughts takes very close to heart. Students should not be sorted, labelled then disadvantaged by being made to study a diluted syllabus. Unfortunately, this is precisely the ordeal facing our primary students in the Foundation programme and our secondary students in the Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams.


The angler's Mathematics-Captive Programmes accept students from all streams to study the complete MOE Mathematics syllabus. angler of thoughts' research-based methods of instruction is able to help students overcome their struggles and find success. 


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