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angler's Thoughts-Captive* Programmes

(Primary & Secondary)


The angler's Thoughts-Captive Programme is first and foremost an enrichment programme that aims to develop students' communication skill, as well as, creative and critical thinking skills. Nevertheless, the programme is still relevant to the preparation for the national examinations because its intended learning outcomes are designed to align with MOE's English Language Syllabus 2010.


This new syllabus has been implemented since 2010. It will begin to be examinable in the 2015 PSLE, whilst the 2013 N(A) and O-levels Examinations have already started examining this syllabus. The demands of the 2010 syllabus require students to go beyond mere proficiency in grammar exercises; students are expected to meaningfully apply a range of language skills.



Intended Learning Outcomes


At the end of the programme, students should be able to:

  • Critically read and assess all forms of text

  • Communicate impactful messages through multimodal representation

  • Use contextually appropriate language by considering purpose, culture and audience

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